School/District Partnership

We partner with businesses, universities, small colleges, high schools, non-profits, and the military to give their employees and members the benefits of a Twainstein alliance.

Why Partner with Us?

Your members are hustling to get into the graduate and professional schools of their dreams, and we’ve got the tools to help them get there. Your corporate/university partnership benefits can incentivize new employees, provide opportunities for growth, and give your members the events and resources they’re looking for.

Free Sample Classes

Rather than leaving class early to make their test prep classes outside of school, our on campus SAT/ACT/GRE classes and college admission workshops are always a short walk away.

Group Discounts

Entice employees to work for your firm, or keep existing ones happy, by offering free or heavily discounted in-house GMAT/GRE classes and graduate school admissions workshops. We offer our partners group classes, taught by the finest minds in the test prep and graduate admissions world, at a fraction of the industry’s average costs. All our instructors have backgrounds in finance, higher-ed, consulting and tech.

Veteran Appreciation

We honor our military veterans by providing special programs devoted exclusively to Veteran Affairs divisions of our corporate partners. Military veterans populate some of the highest offices in business and politics in our country and are some of the most sought-after applicants by top MBA programs around the country. We want to help celebrate their service and elevate their potential by offering graduate education services (GMAT/GRE prep, application advising) at fractional costs to their employers.

The Twainstein Promise

We are a group of professionals devoted to the highest standards or course delivery, student satisfaction and quality of instruction. There are many test prep companies out there. None of them are cheap. We are no different. Where we stand out is our focus on strategy rather than content. Our small crack team of instructors, who have written actual questions for the exam, can teach, as well as entertain, your employees after a long day at the office.

Free Events and Resources

Get access to our events and programming, plus exclusive test tools, like our FREE Workshops (both live and online), live events, and sample classes.

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