COVID-19 Update

To our current and future clients:

At Twainstein, we’ve been closely monitoring the effects of COVID-19 in our communities. This is an immensely difficult time and our thoughts and well-wishes are with all those who are impacted. Our top commitment is to the health and safety of our staff, our students, and our partners.

We know that COVID-19 is deeply disruptive to your personal lives, as well as your career and graduate school goals. Just know that we have made changes to our courses, tutoring services and pricing in order to better accommodate our students who intend to make use of this time to prep for the GRE/GMAT.

To that end, we want you to know that we’re here for you. Here are ways we’re working to help you continue to achieve your goals, even in these tough circumstances:

  • Our courses are all online now. They are still taught live by our Master GRE/GMAT instructors and so far the feedback has been extremely positive, as students have been able to linger after class to ask questions and we have added an extra 30 minutes after class for individual help.
  • The classes are recorded and sent to students after each session. This allows students the opportunity to review what they may have missed during class, something that our live classes did not offer.
  • All students who enroll in our online class has the opportunity to repeat the class FREE once our classes go live again, per state governor’s orders.
  • Pricing for our courses has been significantly reduced to help our students afford the very best test prep instruction during what is for many a very difficult economic time.
  • All students who take our online course will be given a $400 voucher good for any admissions consulting service we provide (personal statement consultation, application branding, etc.)

It also worth mentioning that the GRE/GMAT has now provided test takers the opportunity to take the exam at home rather than at the GRE/GMAT test center. This is a huge boon for test takers who experience test-taking anxiety and we urge everyone to take advantage of this unique opportunity as long as it lasts. Ironically enough, there is no better time to take the GRE/GMAT than the next few months.

To those of you we have not yet met, and those of you who are currently studying with us, we are here for you and encourage you to keep your eye on the prize—whether that’s a Top Ten MBA program or a doctorate in Psychology. As for us, we will continue to be here in order to serve you.

If you have specific questions, you can reach us at or +1 (818) 512-3100.