About Testimonials

We care deeply about our client’s success, and the results show.

“You were so, so right about taking the course. I’m so happy that I listened to you. Here’s my final tally: Quantitative: 53 percentile; Verbal: 83 percentile; Total: 640 – 75 percentile. For someone who hardly uses the math side of her brain, it’s a BIG improvement from my 480. I can’t believe I’m done. What will I do with all my free time now? Thanks Avi!”

— Hana Z.

“I want to thank you for all your help in preparing me to take the GRE. I got a 1250 (560 V, 690 Q) I appreciate your helping me focus and calm down so that I did not psych myself out. I went from a 980 to a 1250, and you definitely helped me get there. Thanks again!”

— Jamirod R.

“Avi, I took the test today. Result: 720 (M49, V38). Hey bro, thanks for everything. I am keeping my fingers crossed for now.”

— Kevin C.

“I took the exam last Saturday and it went well (740). I’m glad to be done! Thank you for all your help – you were a super instructor and I will definitely recommend you to anyone preparing for the GMAT. Thanks again and take care.”

— Kaitlyn L.

“Thank you immensely for your help. I am awash with appreciation; thanks for the detail and thorough instructions. 690!!!”

— Francine S.

“Thanks for everything, Avi. I’m feeling pretty comfortable heading into the home stretch. I really appreciate your dedication – you are a terrific instructor and your passion shows.”

— Mike W.

“I just got home from taking the GRE. I did well! My goal was to score at least 1000. As I mentioned I had taken the GRE before and did BBAADDD! Two years ago I had gotten 320 Verbal and 400 Quant. This time I got 450 Verbal 550 Quant!!! So I did drastically well. Oh and I had an extra experimental section. It was a third argument essay, I just did it. I didn’t want to risk it again. Thank you for everything!”

— Cyndi

“Hi Avi, just want to share the good news with you, I got accepted by USC. Thank you so much for helping me with my GMAT.”

— Yulia Z.

“Hi Avi… Sooo scores: 40 verbal 46 quant 6 AWA 700 overall! Fieufff my friend… I mean…. I’m in the 90th percentile and it is the score I wanted…. so I am happy! you are right… that 7 is amazing to look at on that screen when it pops up! Thanks a lot my friend… for the help!”

— Farouz H.

“I took your GRE course last summer, and you were a terrific help! I thought you might be pleased to know that I got into each of my top programs, and I just signed on to attend Harvard next year to pursue my PhD in Historical Musicology. Happily, I expect this means that I’m through with ETS exams, at last! Thanks again for all of your help making this exciting opportunity possible.”

— Matt B.

“I made 640 of my GMAT test and think that it’s the best I can do for now: 49-math (87%), 28-verbal (47%).”

— Mohammed A.

“Hey Avi – Mission accomplished!!!! I got a 710! Yay!!!! And I have YOU to thank (along with about a billion hours of studying, which I guess helped a little bit too). Thank goodness THAT is over Thank you thank you thank you — and yes, I’ll be sure to apply to those Top 5, especially now. Now only about 15 essays to write and I’ll be done – piece of cake. Take care and THANKS again.”

— Emily

“Once again, Thank you so much sir! The interview preparation was definitely helpful, even when some questions were out of the scope of what we prepared for, my confidence allowed me to still give sensible answers. But I think more importantly, for the questions asked outside of my professional background, I appeared to be ready for the answers. Our vide- taped mock interview sessions were uncomfortable, but the feedback saved my butt! Thanks guys, off to Wharton!”

— Jun H.

“I truly cannot thank you enough for all your help during the GMAT/application process. You were not only a great instructor, but an encouraging influence whenever I felt overwhelmed and needed a little positive encouragement- which you cannot put a price on. I achieved my goal and will be attending Columbia as part of their J-Term cohort. You rock, dude. Thanks again!”

— Donnie C.

“Hey! Okay so… Verbal: 163 (slight increase from my 161). But quant: 159 (from a 142)!!! AWA: 5.0. I still can’t believe I’m done with this stupid test haha. Not bad for someone who is a “math ‘fraidy cat” as you like to call it. Thank you thank you thank you! You are one of the most helpful people I know”

— Grace L.

“Hey guys—

Took the class with Andrew. He was the most amazing GRE teacher I could have ever imagined and I’m so thankful that I ended up in your class after my terrible experience at another company. I didn’t necessarily want to go with them when I had to study for the GRE, but that was all I knew. Well, needless to say I’m glad I found you. I will definitely be recommending you and your company to anyone I know who has to take the GRE or GMAT.

Good Luck!”

— Melinda T.

“You may not remember me, but I took your GRE class at CSUN a few months ago. I wanted to write to say a few things. First, as you know I hate math. Second, I’d like to thank you SO much for all the skills you taught our class. Not only did I have a blast learning with you but I really learned a lot!

I took the test last night and did really well :) I scored above what I wanted and what I thought I’d be able to. I’m going to take it again in a month in hopes to do even better. The anxiety I had before taking your class was all but gone.

So, thank you Avi! You are a wonderful teacher and an incredible motivator!”

— Sonia F.

“Hi Avi & Andrew,

I just took the GRE yesterday and am happy to say that I scored a 161Q/161V! I’m honestly floored at the levels of improvement that I’ve seen since taking your class, especially on the quantitative side of things (bumped up 11 points!). Thank you both so, so much for the guidance.”

— Ben C.

“I’m in!!! Just got the word from Haas and they accepted me. Get this: $20K per year in “tuition assistance” they call it (is that a scholarship). HA! Not possible without your help on the essays. The revisions and notes seemed like they would never end and I know I was a pain at times, but thank you for hanging in and insisting I not settle for a mediocre essay. Berkeley! Me?! HA!!

Thank you!!!”

— Megan R.

“Hey Avi -

Hope all is well and that you had a pleasant Thanksgiving! I just wanted to share some good news with you! I re-took the GMAT this past Saturday and improved my score from a 700 to a 730! 40 on verbal and 50 on quant. Thanks again for your help with the CR questions and mostly with the strategy for the test! Your help was invaluable and I really appreciated it.”

— Ania M.

“Twainstein rules. Quick update, guys… 167Q/163V. Of the two applications we worked on together, I got one admission and one waitlist (granted I was applying to the two hardest school to get into on planet earth). Anyway, I will be attending HBS in the fall. Side note: my friend who was poo-pooing MBA consultants had a higher GRE and GPA than me and didn’t get into HBS, his top choice. Glad I picked up that phone to call you.”

— Chiramta H.

“I have plenty of things to say about you but the bottom line is that you helped me get into Columbia—the proudest achievement of my life. You sir, and your entire team, are the bomb!”

— Sean C.

“So… didn’t get into my “dream” school BUT I am going to Texas McCombs next fall. Thanks for the application help, it made all the difference!”

— Helen R.