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Customized Learning. Strategy-based Instruction. High-Touch Consultancy. Welcome to Twainstein!

Why Twainstein?

World-Class GRE Experts

Our instructors are all seasoned GRE/GMAT experts with personality, not boring math tutors.

Smaller Classes

Our tiny class size means more individual attention and higher test scores. We like it that way.

Strategy Over Content

Our curriculum is based on actual exam questions, emphasizing strategy over high school math.

We Care

Twainstein is a small collective of deeply caring experts who love to help our clients succeed.

Discover Our Story

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Twainstein Case Studies

Our clients are busy. Most have full-time jobs, all have busy lives. We get that. Our classes are effective, our teachers are available, and our curriculum is streamlined so that our students are successful. We take our clients from GRE ‘fraidy cats to MBA-bound success stories.

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What They Have to Say

“Once again, Thank you so much sir! The interview preparation was definitely helpful, even when some questions were out of the scope of what we prepared for, my confidence allowed me to still give sensible answers. But I think more importantly, for the questions asked outside of my professional background, I appeared to be ready for the answers. Our vide- taped mock interview sessions were uncomfortable, but the feedback saved my butt! Thanks guys, off to Wharton!”

— Jun H.

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